Anton Gerner Furniture designs and manufactures by hand original pieces of furniture to individual requirements. To find out about commissioning an original design, contact Anton Gerner to arrange an initial meeting. 

Following discussions with the client about their requirements and ideas, a rough cost is estimated based on the design or designs being considered.

The next stage involves the preparation of concept sketches, or even models, so that the client can fully visualise each individually designed piece. During these consultations, advice on what timber to use, the finishes and how the design is to be manufactured is given. 

There is no charge for this service; however, if the project does not proceed, all drawings and designs remain the property of Anton Gerner Furniture.

Once the design is approved, a formal quote confirms the design details, the total cost of the project and a fixed timeframe for completion. Depending on the size and complexity of the commission this can take around 12–14 weeks to complete. 


The successful design of bespoke furniture is a collaborative process between the client and the designer. Anton’s own knowledge and design aesthetic is what a client is investing in, but it is the designer’s role to create a design that the client is delighted with. The amount of input the client has is up to each individual. 


Individually designed, handmade pieces are considerably more expensive than mass-produced furniture. However, for someone who appreciates quality, what is gained by the extra money spent on a one-off piece is priceless. Good design, quality materials and craftsmanship create an object of beauty and comfort that defies fashion trends and outlasts mass-produced pieces. Studio furniture is an investment that will appreciate over time.

Prices vary enormously depending on material selection, complexity of construction and design detailing. To find out more about cost, make an appointment or phone Anton at the showroom.